Offshore Vessels

Harbour Tug

RR Group Towage and Harbour services fleet manages 60 harbour tugs, with an average age of less than 10 years and whose Power range from 1.100 to 8.200 BHP.

Ocean Going Vessels

RR Group boast a long tradition in the international trade Shipping tankers, dry bulk, chemical carriers and containerships. However after a huge reorganization of this sector the Group presently owns two containerships and one bulk carrier.

AHTS Anchor Handling Tug Supplies

“AH Varazze”

General details


RINA C✠, support vessel, oil recovery ship, fire-fighing 2,Green Star 3 Design, Comf Noise C, Comf Vib B, ✠AUT-UMS, ✠DYNAPOS AM-R, ✠MONSHAFT, ✠INWATERSURVEY, Unrestricted Nav.,Rescue,Stand by, Anchor Handling Stab.


November 2014


Roll-Royce Marine – UT 712 CD


Rosetti Marino Spa – Italy




2.874 t at max. draft (7.82 m)

Lenght overall:

79.90 m

Breadth moulded:

19.20 m

Maximum draft:

7.82 m (skeg included)


2 CPP in fixed nozzles
2 off tunnel thrusters forward 883 kW each
2 off tunnel thrusters aft 883 kW each

Main Engines:

4 off Main Engines, Type Bergen, 2 x 4000 kW each + 2 x 3000 kW each. Total 14000 kW (19.000 BHP)


Shaft gen. 2 x 2400 kW 440 V 60 Hz

Diesel Generators:

2 x 450 kW 440 V 60 Hz

Emergency Generators:

1 x 450 kW 440 V 60 Hz

Bollard pull:

221 t continuous


17.0 Knots (Max.)

Towing/Anchor Handling Winches

Towing/Working drum:

AHT Winch Rolls-Royce, configuration Waterfall type, consisting of:

Anchor handling:

One declutchable drum: Dimensions: 1400 mm dia x 3200 mm x 1200 + 4800 mm length
Wire capacity: 1100m+ 4000 m of 86 mm dia or 800m of 203mm dia fibre
With spooling device


1 RR Storage reel winch

Spooling gear:

No.1 Brattvaag mech/remote contr. Spooling gear for 4600 long drum on AH/Towing winch.
No.1 Spooling gear on Towing winch


1400 m of 81 mm wire

Secondary Winch:

2 off secondary winches – RR – 138 t pull

Capacity main drums:

1600 m of rope dia. 203 mm.

Rig Chain-lockers:

n. 2 from 70 mm to 165 mm chain


2 x 24 t.


2 x 10 t.

Towing pins:

2 set hydraulic pins

Quarter pins:

2 off hydraulic ‘Pop-up pins’ SWL 200 t.


2 set hydraulic forks – SWL 800 t.

Stern roller:

Twin stern Roller 6 x 3,5 m – SWL 550 t.

Dry Bulk / Discharging Capacity

Dry bulk:

n. 4 tanks


235 cbm


n. 2 x 25 cbm/min. at 80 psi

Fire Fighting System

Fire Fighting Class 2:



2 off Water monitors 3600 cbm/h


3600 cbm/h at 16 bar at 1530 rpm


2 off Fire Fighting pumps (Kvaener Eureka)


Deck area:

592 sqm / 37 x 16.0 m

Cargo capacity:

1200 t

Deck strenght:

10 t/sqm

Cargo rail:

height of cargo 3 m

Deck Crane:

1 pc. 360 degrees. 5 tons at 15 m
2 pc. Cargo rail cranes –RR – 3,0 tons at 14.3 m both side

Navigation and Communication Equipment


Joystick control, Autopilot Alphattron, 3 Gyrocompass Alphatron, 1 Radar Jrc X Band, 1 Radar Jrc S Band, 2 Dgps Jrc, 2 Inmarsat-C Foruno, 2 Vhf/Dsc Jrc, 1 Ais Jrc, 1 Mh/Hf/ Jrc, 1 Magnetic Compass Liley Gillie, 1 Computerized Dynamic Positioning DP 2 (Kongsberg Simrad).

Oil Recovery


Approx.. 1020 cbm

Liquid and Cargo Capacity / Discharge Rates

Fuel oil:

1620 cbm

Drill/Ballast water:

1170 cbm

Fresh water:

745 cbm


485 cbm combined with liquid mud tanks


730 cbm


394 cbm combined in fuel tanks



2 off suites with separate bedrooms and private toilet
5 off single cabins with private toilet6 off double cabins with private toilet
4 off four beds cabins with private toilet
1 off hospital with two beds
Total persons: 35
Mess and recreation room, Galley, change room, Gym, Store rooms etc…


All accommodation fully air conditioned.