Offshore Vessels

Harbour Tug

RR Group Towage and Harbour services fleet manages 60 harbour tugs, with an average age of less than 10 years and whose Power range from 1.100 to 8.200 BHP.

Ocean Going Vessels

RR Group boast a long tradition in the international trade Shipping tankers, dry bulk, chemical carriers and containerships. However after a huge reorganization of this sector the Group presently owns three bulk carriers.

OSRV/FSIV/General Duties

“AH Giorgio P”

General details

Call Sign:







2250 tons at 6,50 m draft

Lenght overall:

74,30 m

Breadth moulded:


Maximum draft:

6.50 m


2 CPP in fixed nozzles, two tunnel thrusters (883 kW) and one tunnel stern thruster (883 kW)


Shaft Gen. 2 x 2000 kW

Diesel Generators:

2 x 370 kW

Emergency Generators:

1 x 120 kW

Supply System:

440 V / 220 V, 60 Hz


145 tons



Towing/Anchor Handling Winches

Towing / Anchor handling:

Two declutchable drums – 1200 mm x 3200 mm dia.
Length 3900 mm. ( Capacity 800 m fibre rope dia. 203mm or 5690 m. dia 76) plus 900 mm special compartment (Capacity 1000 m. dia 76)
Brake holding on first layer – 450 tonnes

Spooling gear:

No.2 Brattvaag mech/remote contr. Spooling gear for both drums on AH/Towing winch

Secondary Winch:

One winch of Ulstein Brattvaag type: ALM63130 consisting of:
One fixed drum with band brake, centre dividing flange and dividing flange for special compartments in each side dia.
1500mm / dia. 4500 mm x 750+2300+2300+750.
Capacity main compartments 800 m of rope of with dia. 203 mm.
130 tonnes pull at 0 – 18m/min


1 off rope reel – capacity 1500 m of 76 mm wire – 10 t. pull


1 off rope reel (below main deck) – capacity 1200 m of 76 mm wire – 10 t. pull

Rig Chain-lockers:

N. 2 x 140 cbm capacity


2 x 17 t.


2 x 10 t. plus 1 x 20 t. at middle of deck st. side

Towing pins:

2 sets of hydraulic towing pins, 330 t. SWL


2 sets , hydraulically operated, 650 t. SWL

Stern roller:

5,00 m x 3,00 m. – 460 t. SWL

Dry Bulk / Discharging Capacity

Dry bulk:

n. 4 tanks


approx. 220 cbm


n. 2 x 25 cbm/min. at 80 psi


Deck area:

545 sqm / 38,4 m x 14,2 m

Cargo capacity:

1000 t

Deck strenght:

10 t/sqm

Cargo rail:

1 pc. 360° – 5 t. at 18 m knuckle boom type
1 pc. 360° – 1,5 t. at 12 aft, port side

Navigation and Communication Equipment


Joystick control,1 x Auto pilot Anchutz Pilostar-D, 2 x Gyro compasses Anschutz , 1 x X band radar JRC with ARPA, 1 x S-band radar JRC with ARPA,2 x DGPS JRC,1 x Navtex JRC,2 x Inmarsat-C JRC,1 x Weatherfax JRC,2 x VHF/DSC JRC,1 x AIS JRC,1 x MF/HF Radio JRC, 1 x Magnetic compass,1 x Echosounder Skipper,1 x VHF Simplex Skanti 1000P,3 x GMDSS VHF,1 x EPIRB,1 x Inmarsat-F,1 x Computerised Dynamic Positioning System in accordance with IMO-DP-Class 1 requirements.

Oil Recovery


approx. 840 cbm comb. tanks

Liquid and Cargo Capacity / Discharge Rates

Fresh water:

approx. 1100 cbm / 1 x 200 cbm/h at 90 mlc (400 cbm comb. tanks)

Drill/Ballast water:

approx. 1000 cbm / 1 x 200 cbm/h at 90 mlc

Fuel oil:

approx.1100 cbm / 1 x 200 cbm/h at 90 mlc

Base oil:

approx. 300 cbm in F.O. tanks / 1 x 200 cbm/h at 90 mlc


approx. 540 cbm in liq. mud tanks

Deck Drain Tanks:

approx. 240 cbm (segregated tanks – F.P. below 60°) 181 cbm (in fuel oil tanks)

Base oil:

181 cbm (in fuel oil tanks)



2 off suites with separate bedrooms and private toilet
1 off single cabin with private toilet and office
10 off single cabins with private toilet
1 off double cabin with private toilet
4 off four men cabins with private toilet
1 off ship’s office
1 off hospital with 2 beds
Total persons: 38
Mess and recreation room, Gym room, change room, store room, Galley, laundry rooms


All accommodation fully air conditioned.