AH Valletta

In January 2019 the vessel AH Valletta had its REB renewed until january, 19th 2021. In January, 31st 2019 the vessel AH Valletta finished contract with Petrobras, which started in May, 26th 2017.

The AH Valletta vessel, in 2019, passed some Jobs inspections, including Shell OVID inspection, Equinor inspection, Sapura inspection and SBM CMID inspection. Finarge participated in several opportunities for spot market operations in Brazilian waters, and on May 24th, 2019, after Sapura engineers inspection, carried out on the AH Valletta vessel, Finarge signed a contract with Sapura for operations with the vessel. The AH Valletta, whose activities started on 18/06/2019, after some extensions, ended on November, 9th 2019.

After operations with Sapura, the vessel AH Valletta, started operation with SBM for “Offloading Hoses Interventions”, beginning on 11/14/2019 ended 01/102/2019. AH Valletta was contracted by HEREEMA for a service serviço “assist with barge handling during jacket launch” for a period of 7 days started on 1/12 ended 8/12.

Finarge negotiated with DOMMO Energia to operate the AH Valletta vessel as of November, 13th December 2019 for towing and handling of Atlantic Zephyr semi-sub anchors for a period of 7days.

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