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Working in RR Group, our CREW MEMBERS make experience on different activities: port and off-port towage, offshore, chemical and cargo fleet operations. At office, our EXPERTS ensure a full ship management for both RR Group and third parties fleets, in these main competency areas:

  • Class, Flag and international EHS requirements compliance
  • Technical / Procurement (AMOS BS and AMOS Enterprise Solutions platforms)
  • Commercial
  • Crewing
  • Financial and Accounting
  • Human Resources management

Our expertise, built on decades of activity in our core businesses, is the ideal playground for talented and passionate candidates looking on a career development in maritime industry. Geografically, we operate in these areas:

  • Mediterranean Sea (sites in Genoa, Salerno and Malta, operations, off port service in full area. Since 2014, RR has shares of Gesmar Group, with operations in Trieste, Ravenna, Ancona and others minor adriatic ports)
  • South America (Brazil, offices in Rio de Janeiro and Macaè)
  • Northern Sea



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In RR Group, we are keen to offer short term internship opportunities to students/trainees/Practitioners willing to make a training-on-the-job experience in our office activities.

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Discover Rimorchiatori Riuniti, tugboats through the waters of the commercial harbour of Genoa since 1922.

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