Rimorchiatori Augusta


Established in 1955 by Salvatore Cafiero in Augusta (Italy), the Augustea Srl is a provider of maritime services operating in particular in harbour towage business.

History: key milestones

The history and evolution of the Augustea Group are inextricably linked to those of the Cafiero-Zagari families whose shipping interests date back to 1629 and that have continuously run Augustea since its establishment in 1955, guiding it through all the key phases of its evolution:


Salvatore Cafiero establishes Augustea to provide towage services in the Sicilian port of Augusta (Italy)


Augustea expands its towage activities in other Sicilian ports and also starts operating in deep sea cargo vessel fleet


Augustea and its subsidiaries join the Rimorchiatori Riuniti Group

Harbour towing services are carried out by Augustea Imprese Marittime under long term public concessions in Augusta, Siracusa, Catania and Pozzallo.


Since the incorporation in 1955, the Company carried out towing operations in the port of Augusta (Sicily), thereafter extended its activities to the ports of Catania, Syracuse and Pozzallo, all located in the Eastern coast of Sicily (Italy), where it operates a public service through long-term licences which grant the company the exclusive management of all towing activities within these harbours until maturity.
In Augusta and Syracuse our operations are mainly involved with the petrochemical industry, while the ports of Catania and Pozzallo are focused in passenger ferries and merchant ships.
Augustea Spa is a member of Assorimorchiatori and of ETA – European Tugowners Association.
Currently the fleet consists of 17 tugs, for a total aggregate power capacity of 41,000 KW and 1 tug plus two oil barges focused in the sewage business.


This business is regulated by port authorities and tariffs are established by the Italian legislation based on a “cost plus” mechanism; being a public service it has to be provided to anyone who requests it. The purpose of the service is to guarantee safe navigation within harbor and costal waters.
We menage approximately 2850 vessels every year and 9240 towing line.




vessel every year



towing line