Finarge Apoio Maritimo l.t.d.a.

Who we are

Finarge Apoio Marítimo Ltda. is an EBN – Brazilian Shipping Company, established in 2008, authorized by ANTAQ, to operate as a Maritime Support Company, able to charter, import, crew and operate maritime support vessels in oil and gas exploration and production activities.

Its team is comprised of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in shipping, especially in offshore maritime support and agency operations.

Finarge owns an AHTS 12.000, AH Giorgio P, which is chartered to Petrobras until February /2022, and currently also includes in its fleet with bareboat charter the vessel AH Valletta-AHTS 18000, registered in REB, which is operating in the spot market.

Vision, Mission and Values

MISSION Manage and operate maritime support vessels in Brazilian waters meeting expectations and generating value for internal and external clients and other stakeholders.

VISION To be a reference in the management and operation of maritime support vessels, ensuring occupational safety for employees, preservation of the environment and economic sustainability of the business.

VALUES Ethics; Transparency; Know-how; Safety; Excellence.

Company News

Balance Sheet Approval 2018
On March, 28 the Balance Sheet of 2018 was approved. It was audited by Moore & Stephens, the result of the year was a loss of 16 MR$.

Petrobras – Arrangements for pending financial agreements
In april/2019 Petrobras started negotiations to settle financial disputes, whose Finarge initial claim was R$ 829,698.33 plus US$ 1,788,226.22. Until now, Petrobras has reimbursed the amount of R$ 198,504.34 plus US$ 1,788,226.22.

AH Camogli
The vessel AH Camogli, after 10 years of operation in Brazil, from 03/01/2019 to 04/26/2019, was in the Mauá shipyard to prepare its return trip to Europe. On 07/05/2019 the vessel left Brazil for Europe.

In June/2019, we signed an agreement with the Carbofin group for the supply/management of Brazilian crew for the MV Luigi Lagrange and MV Alessandro Volta units.

ISO 9001 – renewal
In june 2019 also occured the renovation from our ISO 9001 Certification.

AH Giorgio P
On 01/01/2019, the vessel AH Giorgio P terminated a contract with Petrobras that began in September/2017. Immediately after the termination of the contract, the vessel started docking to adapt it to start a new contract with Petrobras, finishing its services in Feb/2019, when it was inspected by Petrobras and approved to start a new contractual period. The vessel AH Giorgio P started a new contract with Petrobras, on 02/24/2019, whose term of 1095 days may be extended for up to 730 days.

AH Valletta
In january 2019 the vessel AH Valletta had its REB renewed until january, 19th 2021. In january, 31st 2019 the vessel AH Valletta finished contract with Petrobras, which started in May, 26th 2017. The AH Valletta vessel, in 2019, passed some Jobs inspections, including Shell OVID inspection, Equinor inspection, Sapura inspection and SBM CMID inspection.
Finarge participated in several opportunities for spot market operations in Brazilian waters, and on May 24th, 2019, after Sapura engineers inspection, carried out on the AH Valletta vessel, Finarge signed a contract with Sapura for operations with the vessel. The AH Valletta, whose activities started on 18/06/2019, after some extensions, ended on November, 9th 2019.

After operations with Sapura, the vessel AH Valletta, started operation with SBM for “Offloading Hoses Interventions”, beginning on 11/14/2019 ended 01/102/2019. AH Valletta was contracted by HEREEMA for a service serviço “assist with barge handling during jacket launch” for a period of 7 days started on 1/12 ended 8/12. Finarge negotiated with DOMMO Energia to operate the AH Valletta vessel as of November, 13th December 2019 for towing and handling of Atlantic Zephyr semi-sub anchors for a period of 7days.

IDF Audit – Supplier Performance Index
In 2019 Finarge had three IDF – Petrobras audits, at our headquarters, on April 30, on August 14, and on November 6. The purpose of this audit is to list deviations from the SMS attachment of the AH Giorgio P contract. Our current score is 5 (the index has scores from 1 to 6).

PEOTRAM – Operational Excellence Program in Air and Maritime Transport (Petrobras Audit)
On October, 28 and 29 2020 Finarge was audited, remotely, for PEOTRAM – cycle 2020. It is still waiting for the audit to be carried out on board one of its vessels to finalize the process. The auditors highlighted as strengths of the audit carried out the receptivity, interest, commitment and cooperation of the audited teams, as well as the service and understanding regarding the importance of the process for improving the company’s management system and the participation of the board.

In March 2020, in the face of the spread of COVID-19, having started the pandemic in Brazil, Finarge adopted several measures to monitor and prevent contamination, among its employees and family, among which are:

  • Distribution of protection and sanitation items to all of its employees (onshore and offshore);
  • From March 2020 to August 2020, onshore employees did their activities in the home office system;
  • An Operational Response Team was created to face Pandemic, with weekly remote meetings updating the situation and the company’s action plans based on the health protocols recommended by public agencies;
  • Extension of the boarding period, to reduce crew transfers when embarking and disembarking;
  • Occupational nurse was made available to monitor and assess the health of the crew during the pre-boarding quarantine period;
  • Realization of COVID tests on the crew, pre-boarding and disembarkation and periodically also on onshore employees;
  • A telephone number was made available for psychological assistance to interested employees

Code of Conduct

The version 3/2017 of the Rimorchiatori Group Code of Ethics was approved by the Board of Directors on May, 31st 2017.

QSMS Policies

QHSE Management System Policy


Finarge is certified by ISM CODE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001; BS OHSAS 18001, ILO-MLC, CRC Petrobras