Finarge Apoio Maritimo l.t.d.a.

The owner of A.H. Giorgio P.

Established in 2008, the Company operates as Owner of the AHTS “A.H. Giorgio P.” and local agent for all vessels operating in Brazil belonging to the Group. The Company employees more than three hundred people and have an office in Rio de Janeiro (headquarters) and a branch office with a warehouse in Macae

In 2012, the company signed her first contract as pure agent for a third owner, Fratelli d’Amato S.p.A., under which the company manages the PSV FD Honorable in a long term contract with Petrobras. Along with the other contracts, Finarge Apoio has presently under her management 5 high-end AHTS,1 PSV and 1 OSRV.

Taking advantage of her long experience in Brazil, the company is presently in talks with several international owner and she is looking for further opportunities in Brazil.

We are ​certified

Finarge Apoio Maritimo l.t.d.a. has always been proud of staying on top of the service it provides, and has always been eager ​to comply with the latest safety developing standards.